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10 Most RIDICULOUS Football Injuries!

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Imagine explaining to your manager that you can’t play the next game because you were injured by chicken wings, trolleys or allergic to grass, well these players had to do exactly that!

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38 thoughts on “10 Most RIDICULOUS Football Injuries!

  1. Where is jari litmanen, in mälmö ff he got limonade cap in he's eye and got injured. Party was teams party and cap was opened by teams staff member. There is some irony in that 😀

  2. Jari Litmanen? Malmö's sporting director Hasse Borg opened a glass bottle with his snus case and accidentally launched the cap staight to Jari's eye. That kept him in the sidelines for several weeks.

  3. Ok u probably shudnt have made this list becuz there r people this touchy for especially me since im allergic to grass and almost died in the hospital im not allowed to play anymore like cmon guys

  4. Allergic to grass…..Jesus haven't any grass ever touched him during training or when he was in school…literally worse type of allergy for a footballer besides a phobia of actually playing football xD

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