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2009 Tennis Match of the Year: Highlights

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In what was widely regarded as the best tennis match of 2009, Rafael Nadal outlasted fellow Spaniard Fernando Verdasco 6-7(4), 6-4, 7-6 (2), 6-7(1), 6-4 in an epic semifinal in Australia on Friday night, January 30 2009.

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24 thoughts on “2009 Tennis Match of the Year: Highlights

  1. 2009 was great year for epic matches
    Australian Open:
    Verdasco vs Murray
    Nadal vs Verdasco
    Nadal vs Federer

    Nadal vs Djokovic

    Roland Garros:
    Soderling vs Nadal
    Soderling vs Gonzalez
    Federer vs Del Potro

    Federer vs Roddick

    Us Open:
    Del Potro vs Federer

  2. Definetly..this match had a huge number of amazing points ,i remember the commentators saying "this is the point of the tournament"about three times in this match ,i think this is even better than Wimbledon 2008 in terms of tennis quality ,this had every thing from relenthless attacking tennis to jaw droping defence

  3. I agree, that was second best match ever after Wimbledon 2008 final, the AO 2009 final is number 3 for me. Lol, if you look at this matches then AO 2012 final looks like the most boring match ever.

  4. It's really weird how the video stops then starts again, it makes me think I have problems with my computer. Anyways, thank you very much for the upload, that was a great match. I remember I saw everything, from start to finish. It started at about 5:45 am here and would only finish at 11am or something

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