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33 thoughts on “2013 MLB All Star Game Highlights

  1. Does anyone notice Prince Fielder's ass is hanging over the bass path and its obstructing the base path, look at how the run goes to the right of the bag.

  2. Mariano Rivera…enjoy watching History because men like this isnt just a great player, he's a great human. During this farewell tour, he found time to visit kids in the hospital. Sick with cancer, and other life threatening illnesses. Mariano Rivera transcends baseball and is an example to all of us on how to act in life…

  3. They asked Tigers manager Jim Leyland that ques. He said "I didn't want Rivera to come in in the ninth because we had the lead in the top of the 8th. If they came back to tie or lead, I would have felt bad." Now don't forget, at that time in the game it was only 1-0 American League. They scored 2 more runs in top of the 9th. We got to see him. That's what matters.

  4. Your welcome. And yeah I'll agree that Ripkens game was memorable. But all in all the All Star Game is for the players to celebrate. It's been cool chatting AD.

  5. Don't get me wrong, I have the utmost respect for Mo…I also realize that he was given the MVP award mostly out of respect. I was just pointing out that Ripken's final All-Star game was much more memorable because of the homer. I didn't know Mo showed Halladay the cutter though, thanks!

  6. But it's the respect of the game. Not 1 player in either league EVER said a bad word about Mariano Rivera. NOT ONE. He respects everyone and has helped everyone. Did you know he showed Halladay when Doc was a Blue Jay how he threw his cutter? And not to jump off the subject but there's 2 months of ball left. The Jays have been looking good lately. At least we both agree that we hate the Red Sox…lol. Hey, Rivera has over 650 saves and 42 in post season. That in itself is awesome

  7. What a classy moment. To award Rivera MVP. EXCELLENT MOVE! They did it for Cal Ripken so why not "The Sandman"…the best there ever was,is, and will be. God Bless Mariano Rivera

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