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2015 MLB Highlights

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These are the the first compilation of highlights of the 2015 MLB season including fights,walk-offs, records, celebrations,and history making. make sure to leave a comment for part 2.

I do not own any of the clips shown and they all belong to their respective owners. The combination of clips is simply for the entertainment of the viewers. Most or all of these clips were taken by cameramen associated with the MLB and whatever media they may have.All commentators heard are associated with the MLB and i do not ever appear nor speak in the video, all credit goes to the MLB. All clips shown were made and belong to them and the link to their youtube account is listed below.

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39 thoughts on “2015 MLB Highlights

  1. evreyone that disagrees with the slide of lawrie to esc look at 553 he as already on the base n he slid just wanna get that out there cuz everyone in this comments section hates the kc royals except for like 2 ppl

  2. 533 i luv my kc teams but idk y its there ur vid watever but they may have not been on purpose but i memeber watching tht game n i thinknthe nite b4 or after lawrie did the same thing

  3. Do you hate the Royals? Where is Paulo Orlando's walk off grand slam, Alex Gordon's jump into the stands foul ball catch, or Salvador Perez's pick off plays against guys trying to steal second?

  4. If you are looking at this comment before you watch this vid don't watch they are lackluster plays except for a couple and half of them are bluejays clips. If you are going to advertise something as mlb highlights, put the whole mlb in the video not just jays

  5. I'm probably biased, but isn't the Rangers walking off to take the lead in the AL West more important than a good pitcher on a shitty team setting a strikeout record?

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