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39 thoughts on “2017 IIHF World Junior Hockey: Canada vs. USA – Shootout (GOLD)

  1. It's logic that all the Americans talk shit but when Canadians talk shit you guys get all defensive and shit, I now see why the american education system is going to shit not to mention the about of obbese fucks there. Oh and yeah hope you guys love sucking Trump's Weiner because he's taking you fucks into nucular war.

  2. I'm going to clear this up for everyone so it's fair and even. Yes before I start congratulations to the US for pulling a gold in the tourney. However I kinda think it's unfair to settle a great matchup with a shootout. Nothing I can do about it. But please for the sake of fucking God stop bragging, it's not only annoying but really obnoxious. When Canada wins at the world cup and Olympics we dont go ape shit like y'all but hey that's my opinion and apparently USA people don't give a shit about opinions.

  3. americans saying this is americas sport fail to realize they didnt even win a game at the world cup hahahaahaha slovakia and switz were better your country is a joke glad trump is your president

  4. americans are fucking retards i see a bunch of americans saying all the american teams are winning the stanley cup where are the canadian teams they proved every canadians point they dont know hockey

  5. i was at this game and honest to god i wasn't even sad to see canada lose
    both teams played their hearts out
    and sure, canada may have player better in ot
    but the americans played better in the shootout
    and that's where it counted

    im not sore about it, that was an amazing fucking hockey game, and im proud of my country, as am i accepting of the united states pulling a great win out against the odds against the host

    well played usa, we'll get you on your home soil next year 😉

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