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2017 Training Camp Winners & Losers | NFL Network

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Gregg Rosenthal joins Inside Training Camp live to give his training camp winners & losers. Check out his article here

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30 thoughts on “2017 Training Camp Winners & Losers | NFL Network

  1. Dont know why but I have a feeling Nelson will shine this season. I know it sounds crazy but think about it, every team will put their best CB on Jeffrey and Smith. No one will pay any mind to Nelson. The guy got open alot last season even with some of the best CB on him but he never can catch the ball. Lets see what happens.

  2. WTF are the jets doing? hackenburg should start this year, if you do badly, next years qb draft class is aupposed to be pretty good, of hackenburg is good, you got a future qb. it's a win win

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