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3 Reasons Federer skips 2017 Canada Masters CBT QS2

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3 Reasons why Roger Federer will skip the 2017 Canada Masters tournament and only play in Cincinnati as his 2017 US Open tune-up!

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22 thoughts on “3 Reasons Federer skips 2017 Canada Masters CBT QS2

  1. Match fatigue, do the right calculation:
    10 matches x 2,5 (average sets for masters) = 25 sets for 2000 points.
    7 matches x 4 (average sets for grand slams) = 28 sets for 2000 points.
    So it's less work to win 2000 points in Montreal and Cincy than in UsOpen.
    That's why he shouldn't skip Montreal.

  2. I don't think Fed should treat Master 1000s (such as Montreal) as 'preparation' for US Open. Winning Master 1000 should be goal in itself.
    He has less 1000s trophies than Nadal and Djokovic so he should play those as much as he can, especially when they are played on hard courts. I hope he'll make a good decision and play Rogers Cup.

  3. Why u all speculate ? luthi stated that it will depend on how roger will feel and if he is ok he might play BOTH masters or he might play one. we will see.

    sure thing is he plays one and then us open. that's for sure.

  4. It would be wise if he skips the Rogers cup and plays only Cinci in order to keep his high confidence and be fully fit for the first priority US open. Ranking #1 is not a priority. in the end it's only about GS. and who knows winning US open this year could be crucial to the GS record after Rafa and Novak retire.

  5. Matt, my feeling exactly. All Federer needs (and he will get) is winning Cinicy, USO and WTF. Doing that he will secure #1 position for the first half of 2018 which he will build on.
    Djoko taking off his six month break will come back playing well but he won't have the same run like Fed. Fed has the 'numbers' (19 in SW19, 18th AO 18th GS etc) and Fed has the love of so many fans that make magical things happen for him as long as he is rested with a clear mind and keeps improving his shots and game. #Bel20ve

  6. I think he should play both. There is a risk if he playa cincy alone and loses early. Plus of he plays montreal and wins he could always choose to skip cincy. I just think chalking him in for 10 matches as a reason to not do both is jumping the gun

  7. he should play Rogers cup . because he couldn't won at there. so this year big chances awaiting him to lift this one of the trophy which eluded him through out his career. other side Novak is sideline and Murray , nadal struggling with form.

  8. I liked the channel but had to unsubscribe, I like Roger but I am not gonna subscribe to a channel that is solely dedicated to him Lots of other channels that have a more balanced approach. Later.

  9. Roger will skip, and his american summer will be just like in 2015. The difference is that he's going to win the us open. Rafa will be in canada and cincy, but clearly he still thinks he has a 20 year old body. Rafa will probably enter the us open as #1, will make it to the quarters/semis and after that will disappear. Federer wins cincy, us open, basel and probably shangai. On world tour finals he always plays really well, so fed will end up the year as #1.

  10. I think he is definitely going to have to skip one tournament in the remainder of the season. However, I do not believe it will be in the North American swing, believe it or not. I believe he will skip the Paris Masters at the end of the season. If he doesn't skip Paris, he will have to play Shanghai, Basel, Paris, AND WTF, all within 6 weeks! That is crazier, to me, then playing the NA masters and then the US open a week later. Personally, I would prefer he skip Canada, so that he will be freshest for US Open. However, I think he screwed himself by announcing that he will not skip ANYTHING for the rest of the season. If he skips Canada, he will look very hypocritical for skipping a tournament so soon after saying he wouldn't skip anymore… If he skipped Paris, it would be at the end of the season, and he could at least say, "Well, I tried my hardest to play every tournament for the rest of the season, but my body just won't let me at age 36!" Go ahead and use that age excuse, Roger!

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