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31 in 31: Edmonton Oilers 2017-18 season preview

1 Star2 Stars3 Stars4 Stars5 Stars’s Dan Rosen and Matt Waymire take a look at the Edmonton Oilers for the upcoming 2017-18 NHL season

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27 thoughts on “31 in 31: Edmonton Oilers 2017-18 season preview

  1. I knew this team would be a big deal at some point and now they are starting to finally be that team that will be dangerous this coming season. I kind of look at this team and they just seem like an underrated roster, besides McDavid, Draisaitl, and Nugent-Hopkins, and Milan Lucic theres not to many people that are well known to be that good on this roster but they really proved themselves last year, guys like Patrick Maroon, Letestu, Slepyshev, Klefbom, and Darnell Nurse. The addition of Ryan Strome makes them even more dangerous and i thought just last year they could make the Cup Finals. Should be a very interesting year for this team and the Western Conference. The only problem i see specifically with this team is yes the expectations but the play of Cam Talbot also will play a big factor and if he can play even better than he did last year then i think their chances will be enhanced even more then.

  2. – Oilers are definitely on the cusp right now, all it took was beefing up on the blueline & it has worked. Not to mention Cam Talbot establishing himself as a legit starting goaltender after stepping out of the shadows of King Henrik in New York. The Oilers are definitely one of the top teams in the league right now…& probably aren't far off from lifting Lord Stanley very soon.

  3. We are for sure contenders. We experienced basically everything we could've experienced last year. We have the best player on the planet. We have another number one centre behind him. He have so many options with our lineup since we have 5 centres that can play in the NHL. We have the best centre depth in the league. We have an elite goalie. We have young, fast, and big. We have decent defence. Larsson and Klefbom is a fantastic pair. and I feel like klef is having a breakout year. Sekera will be like a free trade acquisition when he comes back. Russel was great, and Benning and nurse are just getting better. Oh yah, one word. McDavid

  4. Lol the only thing the team has is McDavid and a couple of wingers. Other than that they're defense is decent but their goaltending is mediocre. I don't see them even making the playoffs next year and if they do, they're an early 1st round exit.

  5. I don't know about the oilers. I think they are no contenders yet. Maybe when lucic, nugent-hopkins and jokinen play a better season they could be, but they are in serious salary cap trouble over the next years. I mean they pay mcdavid and draisaitl the same money kane/toews got in their absolute prime and chicago even had hossa, keith, seabrook, hjalmarsson, saad/panarin and sharp to back them up. Edmonton's d isn't as strong as chicago's d was and their wings aren't even close to be elite.
    I think there are better teams, even with edmonton's center-depth which maybe no other team has.

  6. I think they are one of the strongest cup contenders, should take the pacific division easily and possibly even go for the Presidents trophy. Wouldn't be surprised to see them lift the cup come June time.

  7. Not an Oilers fan if they are the best chance for a Canadian Team to win the Cup I will root for them.

    I figure that maybe if a Canadian Team wins a cup this means more players will be willing to play and/or sign for other Canadian teams instead of refusing to sign for them or not including them in trade lists.

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