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31 in 31: Florida Panthers 2017-18 season preview

1 Star2 Stars3 Stars4 Stars5 Stars’s Dan Rosen and Matt Waymire take a look at the Florida Panthers for the upcoming 2017-18 NHL season

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12 thoughts on “31 in 31: Florida Panthers 2017-18 season preview

  1. – The Panthers boast some good young talent, they're a hard team to play against…but last year's turmoil, mostly off the ice, might've set them back further than expected. They MIGHT come close to competing for a wildcard berth, but with teams like Ottawa, Boston, Tampa Bay, & Toronto in front of them in the standings, it'll be tough for the Panthers to make the playoffs next year.

  2. Florida is a good team but there are so many circumstances that went wrong for them last season. But now that they lost so many good players including Johnny Marchessault which idk why they didn't protect him for the expansion draft I think that was pretty stupid but regardless now that they don't have him or other good players, its going to be hard to replace all thay and therefore I don't think they're going to make the playoffs because of that. They are a good team but its gonna be hard for them this season.

  3. Not sure if I'll ever understand why they left Marchessault unprotected in the expansion draft.. they should still be better this year, but making the Playoffs will definitely depend on staying healthy and whether or not teams in front of them last season take a step back (Toronto, Boston, Ottawa)

  4. Here's our lineup




    Line 1:Huberdeau and Barkov with jagr was all god like skill but lacked speed, Dadonov has younger skill and SPEED to keep up with Barkov and Huberdeau so this line will be filthy
    Line 2: Trocheck could fill in as a 1st line center for a bunch of teams and will no doubt be the perfect player to work this line HARD, Vrbata is and underrated veteran that notched 20 goals with the third worst team in the league last year and who is the player to hand him the puck? Haapala, Haps dominated the Finnish Liiga league last year and is the 5th best player in Liiga history, a playmaking master the played alongside Barkov in the early years
    Line 3: Bjugstad could definitely be a 2nd line center but the injury bug hit him hard, with a proper recovery, the man can cause some serious damage, Malgin had a decent rookie season that had a drop but a good restart, Malgin was sent down to the AHL last season due to not producing for some time but he lit up the AHL with the time given to him, when he was called back up, he produced well and ended the season on a good note. His size is a concern but all that will be easy for him because of his line mate Mamin, Mamin is a powerful gritty Russian player who had a breakout offensive season last year in the KHL with bottom 6 minutes and no PP time, he will no doubt have no trouble protecting the skillful Malgin
    Line 4: Our defensive power line, Haley is no Shawn Thornton but Haley has no limits and has very entertaining fight that will surely bring in more fans. I'm not a fan of Mackenzie but I like his faceoffs and he did lead the 2nd best PK in the league, Sceviour had a good year defensively and impressed a few fans but the lack of offense is concerning which is why our 4th line won't be a offensive threat, but a physical one
    Defense Line 1: Ekblad is our Franchise defenseman, and him realizing that he needs to run the show will definitely boost his confidence and show his true skill. Matheson is a top 2 defenseman in the making, he's offensive, he battles for the puck like a beast and his speed helps with that
    Defense Line 2: our veteran defense line. Yandle had a bad year last season but who didn't? With healthy teammates, Yandle will for sure show his true colors. Demers played games where he was offensive but not defensive and other games he was the opposite, with a more stable yandle, Demers could play a more comfortable game and will for sure be better than last year
    Defense Line 3: Pysyk could have been our best defenseman last season. Statistically, he made every defenseman he played with, better(yes even Kindl), less shots were produced by the opposing team when he was on the ice oppose to when he was off the ice. The problem with Petrovic is he act more physical than he really is but his style of play makes up for it, he is a solid defensive defenseman that is smart with his decision in the defensive zone
    Goalies: A great tandem, Reimer is built to be our future starter and Luongo is getting old but still has some strong juice in him, Reimer did really well while luongo was injured and was practically our best player

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