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31 in 31: Nashville Predators 2017-18 season preview

1 Star2 Stars3 Stars4 Stars5 Stars’s Dan Rosen and Matt Waymire take a look at the Nashville Predators for the upcoming 2017-18 NHL season

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12 thoughts on “31 in 31: Nashville Predators 2017-18 season preview

  1. – Nashville's playoff run last season was like their coming-out party; though they lost James Neal in the expansion draft, they are still pretty stacked up front AND they'll have their top centerman Ryan Johansen back after he missed the Cup Finals due to injury. Pekka Rinne is establishing himself as one of the best goalies to rely on in net. Will they make the Cup Final again? That's tough to determine, but they're certainly good enough to make another deep playoff run, especially when you look at some of the other teams in the Central – Chicago, St. Louis, Minnesota – & you can't really tell if they're still as good as they've been in recent years. Could be a time where we see the Preds move their way upward to Elite-level status in the Western conference. I'm kinda aligning with the Preds & Oilers( maybe the Ducks still close behind )as two of the best teams in the Western conference.

  2. Not just a playoff team, these guys are Cup contenders now especially with the decline of Chicago and St. Louis, these guys are gonna go up in the Central division next year and possibly get 1st or 2nd seed maybe next season. However i think what will happen to them is what happened to the Kings, where they barely squeaked in one year, next year were close again but then lost to Cup winning Blackhawks that year and then the year after they will win the Cup. Now Nashville didn't win the Cup this past season obviously but they were facing a stacked Penguins roster that ran over everything. LA didn't exactly have that challenge against a New Jersey Devils roster that wasn't really expected to take them to the Cup Final. I think Nashville will get close this year again but its hard to repeat going to the Cup final, (except for Pittsburgh of course). Though i think in the next two seasons, they will have an even better chance winning the Cup they got the roster to do it, Bonino i think fills in Neal's shoes more than enough he just needs to play well and this roster also needs to stay healthy if they want to be on top of the central division this upcoming season.

  3. The big issue for me is Pekka Rinne. The guy was pretty terrible for 2-3 months last season and single handedly costed the predators a playoff berth. The lack of a true 2c hurts but if Pekka Rinne can play well all regular season the predators will be fine.

  4. I think you don't know anything about the Nashville Predators, NHL. THEY STRUGGLED WITH INJURIES ALL LAST YEAR! They lost a lot of players throughout the regular season. Josi missed a month, Subban missed a month, there was a point where half the team was Milwaukee (that's why they were able to have the depth in the playoffs… because the Admiral players had already been playing a lot for the Preds in the regular season). Bonino should be a 3rd line center, because of what Sissons did on the 1st line during the Cup Final. If this team can stay relatively healthy no doubt they shouldn't be President's Trophy contenders and Stanley Cup contenders. Please get analysts that at least understand more than just 4 or 5 teams please…

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