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3s Company vs Power | BIG3 HIGHLIGHTS

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Check out all the best action from the BIG3 as 3s Company takes on Power.

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31 thoughts on “3s Company vs Power | BIG3 HIGHLIGHTS

  1. PLEASE MENTION THE TEAM RECORDS BEFORE EVERY GAME!!! LIKE YOU DID LAST WEEK! WHY DID YOU CHANGE THAT?!?!?! Do you really think we're going to remember team records from last week (other than the undefeated Trilogy, of course)? Oh, sweet, I'll just check the standings on the Big3 site. Oh snap! Those records are already updated! Sweet.

  2. Good basketball doesn't need any big name stars tbh. All of these guys had significant mileage in the NBA. So they're still some of the best ballers in the world. It would have survived off of that alone. It may not have been as crowded, but duping the paying fans makes it highly unlikely that it will have the legs to last long. I hope I'm wrong. And I hope we get live games eventually.

  3. seriously A.I., cmon man! we KNOW u can play at least halfway as good as u was -and that's still better than most can come close to on a good day. feeling tricked… don't even wanna check the highlights w/o the Answer in em.

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