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8 Year Old American Football Phenom Jaylen Huff | Muscle Madness

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Jaylen “jigStick” Huff is an American football player.



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40 thoughts on “8 Year Old American Football Phenom Jaylen Huff | Muscle Madness

  1. I see all these negative comments but what y'all fail to think about is what he's doing compared to what these kids are doing now and days. somebody stated let him live a child Life well look at what a child Life is about now. sitting in the house playing video games or just being lazy not going outside running and jumping ECT. (for males) and most of the time if they are out and about then they doing something or Lear in something they have no business doing/learning. and u got this man training his son(if that's his son) not to mention spending time with his son. and for the males that love sports that didn't have this type of attention wishes they have gotten this when they was growing up. hell I wish I would've gotten training like this if not from my dad then he would've sent me to training. I play semi pro football now going on 13 yrs but I had to learn stuff on my own which made my time of tryin to go somewhere takes longer. now I'm 36 and still playing (got a game tomorrow) but again stop worrying about what he's doing and really look at what he's doing….. spending time.

  2. He may be strong, but if he continues to do the tire drill the way he is doing, bending over instead of with his legs, he will pull his back and not be able to bend over by the time he is 40

  3. That is one amazing kiddo!
    Props to his dad for training him and helping him prepare for a potentially great future.
    In my opinion more parents need to instill hard work, commitment and dedication in their children as opposed to letting them bullshit all day on video games and running around, getting into trouble!
    I know I am guilty of that sometimes too though.
    This video, watching Jaylen and his father, inspires my son and I to really start training him more to set him up for success.
    Chance favors the prepared mind!

  4. Nagh, The kid loves it he wouldn't be trying that hard otherwise. Don't be hatin'. And he's damn good. One thing though don't peak to soon. I'd say try and focus more on enjoyment, this regiment should be around 18-19 years IMO. But damn his good!

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