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23 thoughts on “American Football is Awesome

  1. American Handegg is not even a sports it is a TV show with hundreds of commercials and some minutes of action… Someone has cleverly created the sports in order to make stupid Americans watch the commercials…!

  2. Couldn't care less about the armours and stuff. But the running they have to do with all the extra gear is amazing. So yeah that's a demanding sport in terms of stamina and power. But it doesn't beat football, that is, real football as in the beautiful game.

  3. You see highlights like these and it may not seem like it, but the level of strategizing is off the charts. The thing that makes it so special to me is that it is the ultimate team sport. In order to succeed on any play, you need all 11 guys coordinated and successfully executing the plan for that play. It teaches people to work together to achieve more than the sum of all the individuals' achievements. Lessons like that are helpful throughout life — to be selfless and to go as hard as you can for your brothers. You can take the best player and put him on the worst team and they will still be awful, perhaps a bit better, but not dramatically, because no single person can have success without those around him enabling him to do so.

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