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Andy Murray – Top 10 Only Sir Andy Murray Moments (HD)

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Although being considered by many, including himself, to be a very unhumeristic and boring person to listen to, here is a compilation of some of his funniest moments, whether he intends to be funny or not, he certainly does make a character, Sir Andrew Baron Murray. What would you like to be the next Top 10?

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30 thoughts on “Andy Murray – Top 10 Only Sir Andy Murray Moments (HD)

  1. Wawrinka: With cream.
    Djokovic: With cream.
    Federer: With cream.
    Murray: With my fingers.
    Results: Murray is more logical than the other 3.

  2. Really?
    Funniest moments of Murray, before anything is done on Djokovic. You may hate him, but as a tennis fan, please give Djokovic the respect he needs and make a Top 10 about him. Doesn't have to be a 2015 compilation, just anything.

  3. Zero f**ks given, what a legend =P one of my favourite moments was after the US Open final in his press conference he was asked about the million dollar prize money for the runner up, he replied with "that's about £10 isn't it?"

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