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Best Goals Ever Scored In Champions League

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Best Goals Ever Scored In Champions League

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27 thoughts on “Best Goals Ever Scored In Champions League

  1. Well , i did what i could, if you didn't find a specific goal, please write it down in a comment so i could include it in part 2
    BTW what do you think about the quarter-final draws, UCL is on fire already !

  2. Everyone talks about missing Ronaldinho, Henry, Zidane etc. and with good reason but can we show some appreciation for Del Piero? He was so good and I'm just sad I only ever got to see him play a few times. He had enough elegance in his play for 2 teams

  3. in my opinion morata's run and assist to juan cuadrado was the greatest run of all time even better than ben arfa's runs for newcastle and robben's runs and cuts insides for bayern munchen

  4. honestly there are a bunch of goals in the video that are better than the zidane goal in terms of skill. The Bale volley was harder to execute technique wise.
    But in terms of being an iconic/important goal, the Zidane volley wins.

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