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44 thoughts on “Best Highlights From the 2017 NBA Playoffs | 1st Round

  1. I hope the NBA is happy posting a Steph Curry layup, but passing on Myles Turner (20 fucking years old) absolutely demolishing Tristan Thompson on a dunk

  2. Highlights of the highlights:

    0:29 Durrant illustrates why a rule against carrying even exists
    2:54 Wall's stare-down for the jersey grab during his dunk
    3:12 Westbrook never looks at his teammates
    3:50 announcers praise CP while Jazz players are all standing around
    4:10 Bucks also standing around on defense
    4:36 CP "broke ankles" and "put the sauce on him"
    5:57 Lillard drops Draymond to the floor
    6:19 Volleyball spike from Antetokounmpo from behind
    6:25 Close-up of how to spell Antetokounmpo
    6:46 Antetokounmpo has insanely long arms (both dunks)
    7:13 CP draws the foul in the act instead of the moving screen on DeAndre Jordan
    7:24 CP draws the foul in the act instead of the moving screen on DeAndre Jordan
    7:37 Danny Green wants a moving screen call but Marc Gasol actually had pretty established position
    8:10 Dwight Howard OMG
    8:148:15 slo-mo on that reaction from the Wizards assistant coach Tony Brown
    9:00 Dwight Howards block is so nasty the crowd doesn't cheer, they groan "OHHHH"
    9:20 try throwing an elbow at your defender, that doesn't work, so instead just throw it away
    10:31 LeBron gets poked in the head
    11:18 Man-bun Muscala gets dunked on while his teammate stands around in the middle of the key
    11:37 DeRozan's shake and then reverse, actually quite good with the left hand
    12:25 Joe Johnson gets the Jazz a playoff win and everyone is dumbfounded

  3. nba  playoffs  are  ridiculious  4  out of  7  / 16  teams takes  over  a  month  for   championship maybe  3  out of  5 till  final !!!!!!!!!!!

  4. So the Jazz Clippers was the only 7 game series but had the least highlights? the Jazz only have 2 of them? Love the NBA big market bias! keep doing you idiots

  5. NBA is for entertaining, not real competition. Last year final, Warriors led Cavaliers 3-1. The NBA took Green out in game 5 set up for Cavaliers came back and won 3 games on the roll. Curry was a none factor in the final, especially in the last three games (oh, come on!) Enjoy the shows.

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