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Best Hockey Shot Off Ice Training Aid Machine

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Pro Monstar Hockey Power Shot

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Pro Monstar Hockey Power Shot automatic puck rapid fire off ice hockey shooting training equipment… hockey shooting aid training boards

Undeniable Talent Is Instantly Recognizable
Let’s face it the game of hockey is changing.

The Pro Monstar Hockey Power Shot is the World’s first portable off – ice, professional hockey puck shooting training and development tool.

Our products offers hockey players of all ages and skill levels an undeniable proven advantage, in quickly developing, improving and mastering all hockey shooting skills around the clock, any season, anywhere, anytime.

• Ultimate hockey shooting power
• Hockey shot Speed
• Maximum hockey stick torque delivery and flex on every slap shot / wrist shot / back hand / snap shot and one timers
• Hockey shot pin point accuracy
• Quick hockey speed puck release with maximum power
• Heads up stick handling
• Body balance and optimal body motion to transfer optimum shooting power force
• Rapid fire repetition with or without puck resistance
• Amazing eye and hand speed co-ordination
• Lightning fast motion shot reflexes
• Algorithms
• Engrains muscle memory
• Builds core muscle strength and conditioning
• Cardio

Our Products Are Designed For

• Individual hockey players of all ages
• All hockey skill levels
• Teaching tool for registered hockey skill and conditioning coaches and hockey school academies
• Physiotherapy and injury rehabilitation tool used by pro hockey surgeon and team players strength and conditioning trainers.

Every player, amateur or pro, who strives to be the best must experience training systems that maximize their playing potential. If you truly desire to play at the top of your game, then “Pro Monstar Power Shot” off ice hockey training will annihilate your competition.

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