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Best of C’MON MAN 2016-2017 Season | Football

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best nfl bloopers of the 2016-2017 season nfl

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C’mon Man!: Introduced on October 27, 2008. During the show, they will each describe a play or series of plays that made them scratch their heads and say “C’Mon Man!”. They range from plays on the field to actions by fans and other people present at the game. This includes plays from games in the NFL, college football, and the Canadian Football League. Derivative of Ed Lover’s popular webseries C’mon Son! “C’mon Man!”, which is similar to the weekly “Not Top Plays” segment on SportsCenter, is sponsored by GEICO. The best of C’mon Man for the 2016-2017 season. video idea by njs

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  1. that Bryce Petty hit i would've walked off the team after that. no reason to literally almost be killed due to the offensive line sucking that bad.

    i would sue the team for not investing in their offensive line year after year and that's literally the reason why they suck.

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