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Broncos vs. Bears | NFL Preseason Week 1 Game Highlights

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Chicago Bears rookie quarterback Mitchell Trubisky turns heads in his preseason debut, but the Denver Broncos prevail 24-17 in this 2017 NFL Preseason matchup.

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32 thoughts on “Broncos vs. Bears | NFL Preseason Week 1 Game Highlights

  1. Great job chicago! You lost to Denvers entire second and third string! Its ridiculous how the bears fanbase hated him after being drafted and now after one preseason game he's the next Brady lmao!! Bears fans are so naive!

  2. Bears look horrible. Good God. Easily the worst pre season performance I've seen this year. They are probably going to blow for the next couple of years

  3. Coming from a Broncos fan, even thought it's preseason a win is a win. This game though was very sloppy. Defense had a great first quarter with the pic 6, but the bad snap for the bears wouldn't happen against a super bowl contending team, so we got lucky with that. Also, what happened to our goal line defense? We had one of the best goal line defenses last year and this game they scored twice within the 5 hardline. Whenever we were down 10-14 we got very lucky when our receiver was left WIDE open downfield. That's a defensive mistake that won't happen against a super bowl contending team. Our other td was by Henderson. It was a very good run and I'll admit that one. Broncos have to begin playing better football, but after all this was the first game of the season.

  4. You gotta say we put up a fight, we didn't get blown away like last year's preseason against the broncos which was 22-0, Trubisky showed us what he can do, is it about time the bears found a quarterback I think so, if Trubisky can play this way the rest of the preseason and plays better than Glennon, I think trubisky can lead us to a good season, not only our offense did good with Trubisky, our defense was decent in the 2nd and 3rd quarter, now we'll have to wait and see how things go

  5. Don't get me wrong it's only Preseason, but I feel like this kid could turn out to be really good QB. His accuracy in the Pocket and on the run are impressive. And don't forget how young he is..

  6. I Gotta Apologize To Mitch , I Thought Deshaun Was The Clear #1 Qb Last Year In The Draft And I Still Think He Is But It's Definitely Closer Than I Thought.. Not A Bears Fan Btw

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