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Canada – Sweden | Final | Highlights | #IIHFWorlds 2017

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A tense, nervous, cautious game from start to finish produced two fluky goals, 20 minutes of overtime, and a decisive shootout. Final score, 2-1, Sweden.

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28 thoughts on “Canada – Sweden | Final | Highlights | #IIHFWorlds 2017

  1. Если бы не штанга, счёт был бы 3-1 в пользу Канады и ещё была одна штанга в буллитах, а также было очень много опасных моментов, когда ворота были пустые. Я считаю, что Швеция не заслуживает победу, им просто повезло. Канада чемпион. А Швеция заслуживает бронзу. Россия заслуживает серебро. В победе Швеции замешана магия.

  2. All these comments talking about Canada hum hum Just saying the canada had pickard in there goal vs lunqvist. And the only good player that canada had in this tournament was O'reilly

  3. Sweden just proved that you don't need to have the best team to win a championship, you need a great goalie, good defense and lots of luck. Congrats from Greece.

  4. Canada is better than any other countries but in 2017 Sweden is the best and the Kings of Hockey<3 no matter whether you like it or not =)

  5. Guys, what's the name of the short song at the end of each video here on IIHF?
    Is it just a jingle from them or an actual song?
    If anyone knows, that would be awsome! 🙂

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