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Celebrate & Suffer through USA-Mexico at Azteca

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There’s nothing like USA vs. Mexico at Estadio Azteca..

The fans, the history, the noise and the environment all culminate into an experience that is best described as an item on any American soccer supporters’ bucket list. The latest episode of “The Hex” goes behind the scenes at the recent World Cup qualifier between the two CONCACAF rivals, hearing from fans of both teams as they celebrated — and suffered — through each dramatic moment of the 1-1 draw.

“The Hex” follows MLS players and fans through the final round of CONCACAF World Cup qualifying. MLS players will represent all six nations in the Hex: Mexico, United States, Honduras, Panama, Costa Rica and Trinidad & Tobago.

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28 thoughts on “Celebrate & Suffer through USA-Mexico at Azteca

  1. There had to be at least 1,500 traveling U.S. supporters at this game. There were enough of them that they could be heard over the TV broadcast, particularly when Bradley scored that goal.

  2. Como mexicano puedo decir que ambos equipos son una mierda, ni uno mejor que otro… y cuando se enfrentan a selecciones europeas o sudamericanas demuestran su bajo nivel.

  3. From a Mexican perspective, defeating U.S.M.N.T doesn't mean much, we've done so 25 times. We care about defeating big teams such as Argentina, Brazil, France, Holland, or Italy. It is when we win against big teams that we really celebrate and enjoy.

  4. Arena is an underachieving piece of trash. He doesn't want to use our best players and he wants to keep our top goalscorer benched. I'm skipping any Gold Cup match that doesn't include Dempsey.

  5. Mexico trolls in 3…2…1
    All they do is come to MLS/US Soccer channel to hate. That's all they really do every 4 cycle and it always ends up the same. Never can they play more than 5 games in the World Cup. Why don't Mexicans fans just go and show their hate on Mexicans soccer youtube related channels. What is funny is that is not Mexicans living in Mexico that come and hate but some Mexican-Americans… All they really do is show their salt and loss. They haven't beat us in Azteca in 3 World Cup Cycles. So like 12 years. Is okay if you guys beat us in Columbus, sooner or later it was bound to happen. No hard feelings, is not a fortress like Azteca and as hard. Seriously, let it just die. Did the draw really hurt you Mexicans fans? I bet you guys are more salty than happy from winning at Columbus.

  6. I'll say this before the cancerfest begins.
    USA Fans – Stop taunting Mexico. We still have never won competitively at the Azteca, and they beat us in Columbus. Bragging about this makes us look like idiots.
    Mexico Fans – Stop being such triggered pussies. Yes the US played defensively but they still managed only 3 less shots than you and more shots on goal. Also, stop criticizing the US in their difficult times recently. You guys barely qualified for the 2014 World Cup, and now we're struggling just like you were. We're still going to qualify.

  7. "One of the greatest rivalries in the world" — Sorry, I've been a soccer fan for over 50 years, and even though I am an American, let me tell you this — NO ONE IN THE WORLD CARES. Neither team amounts to a hill of beans. Stop kidding yourselves. We have a long way to go.

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