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Chelsea To Make Alvaro Morata Their Number 1 Transfer Target! | W&L

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Chelsea missed out on Lukaku & have now set their sights on Alvaro Morata & James Rodriguez! Barcelona are chasing an ex spurs man & Manchester United are close to confirming the transfer of the summer so far…

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24 thoughts on “Chelsea To Make Alvaro Morata Their Number 1 Transfer Target! | W&L

  1. English football reminds me of the U.S. automobile industry. You originally create the  product; and then get schooled by the Germans and the Italians, on how to make it any good.

  2. Guardiola – same tactics, same players and that's it. Nothing more to comment. But tiki-taka seems not to work in England. I think he'll need to change his style a bit and get a bit bulkier players in defense. I think there is one player that surely will help, but my offer is really crazy. I think he might have to try for David Alaba and Mattia de Sciglio. As for a center back, he would be good with like Eric Dier, best Englishman at the moment in my opinion. But who am I to give Guardiola an advice?

  3. Everyone saying Manu are going to win the league because they got lukaku but that is exactly what they said last season when they signed ibra,pogba and mkhitarian but they shit the bed

  4. he wasn't ARRESTED you numbskulls. A Misdemeanor noise complaint is a CITATION, no handcuffs, no jail, simply a ticket; most likely a small fine if not contested; mine were only $50 . (I've had SEVERAL…several…watching EPL on the West coast usually means 4 or 5 AM matches, sometimes w/zero zzzz's and MANY pints)

  5. MAN united will finish 3rd Chelsea will finish 2nd or 1st Same with City Tottenham will finish 4th Arsenal will finish 5th and Liverpool Will finish 6th Everton will remain in seventh but will win uro league and Huddersfield will go straight back down

  6. i reckon that mbappe staying at monaco is great because we often see many great young players making the move to quickly and become trash. its when the player stays for a bit then he becomes great prime example is neymar and santos

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