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38 thoughts on “Chicago Bulls: Unstop-A-Bulls (NBA Basketball Documentary)

  1. I was born in 88 so I grew up on the Bulls and I watched the 98 season without intent that it was my last time watching the greatest team ever. I'll never forget January, 13 1999 I cried like I lost my friend.

  2. if you think u can beat the bulls, ask coach Pat Riley Greg Popovich jerry sloan, kobe briant, Karl malone, patric ewing, alonzo mourning, Shaq oneil. should i say more? nah.

  3. not any team in NBA today can defeat the Bulls Dynasty. Le Bron and golden state are very lucky that they are not in the 90's where no harm no foul rules or should i say Le Bron is in trouble if Rodman will guard him.

  4. think of. bringing back some of the things of the past brand new isint always betta son we miss its. fantastick member if the game kicks off and no one there its for nothin son

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