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20 thoughts on “Connor McDavid 2016-17 Highlights | Hart Trophy Winner

  1. Let's not forget. McDavid was completely useless in the playoffs! when it counts. when hockey starts get rough and tough he barely touched the puck. scared little fella. hopefully he grows some balls for next years playoffs and puts some meat on those arms. Ive seen bigger arms on a clock

  2. Guys you don't even realise that this generation of hockey fans are witnessing the Gretzky of their lifetimes. Sidney Crosby has been that and conor is now right up there, changing the way people will play. He is special and will only continue to thrive. I can't wait to see what happens next

  3. This whole Crosby vs McDavid argument is retarded… Crosby has a lot of hockey left to play in his career, and McDavid is just starting his career… let crosby finish his career and let McDavid play another 10 years and see where they stand… It's far too early to tell what McDavid will do, but much like what Crosby has done, I'm sure it will be magnificent. Maybe it's me having a bias towards Crosby since I'm a penguins fan, but Connor's stats this season aren't enough to say he's better than Crosby imho, especially when you look at who's won the past 2 years. Ik the whole stanley cup argument is also very flawed considering post season injuries, different skill sets from team to team, and also anyone who thinks it was "given" to the pens, but nonetheless I'm open to any discussions in the comments, just don't be assholes

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