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Cristiano Ronaldo’s five-match ban doesn’t sit well with Zidane | FOX SOCCER

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Zinedine Zidane thinks Cristiano Ronaldo’s five-match ban is too severe and will have to wait to see if the committee agrees.

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34 thoughts on “Cristiano Ronaldo’s five-match ban doesn’t sit well with Zidane | FOX SOCCER

  1. We should stop trying to coddle these so-called "superstars" and treat them as regular athletes. Look at the NBA giving Michael Jordan an 18-month suspension for gambling. Yeah sure, he "retired" so he could go and play baseball. As if.

  2. It should be 2 or 3 games imo. It is wrong to touch a ref, but 5 games for a little push is kimda harsh. It shouldnt really be a dive or pen, but ronaldo was appealing for a pen hence why the ref thinks he's diving

  3. I think it's about right, though I could have seen it higher. The guidelines state "up to 12 games" and "slight violence towards the referee", so I could have understood even 6 or 7 game ban to send a strong message. That said, I think 5 is pretty fair considering the dynamics in the game itself.

  4. everyone has to admit that ronaldo is the perfect villain in the sport. even barca fans were laughing in the crowd and taking pics of his shirtless celebration. only arrogance and bravado can create this type of drama. otherwise, we're stuck with the boredom of bundesliga, eredivisie, etc.

  5. Really? Real Madrid fans have turned this into a complaint over a call made eight years ago? Was never a foul or a flop, but Ronaldo absolutely shouldn't have pushed the ref. Same goes for Messi back then, but it doesn't really help your argument.

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