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Discmania Deep in the Game: Ep 2 – Backhand (Instructional Disc Golf video)

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Go deep in the game of Disc Golf with Discmania!
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In this second episode of the series, Disc Golf world champion Avery Jenkins guides you through the key points of successful backhand driving technique. Learn to control your body and the angle of release for your disc for more consistent drives on the course.

Discmania Deep in the Game

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29 thoughts on “Discmania Deep in the Game: Ep 2 – Backhand (Instructional Disc Golf video)

  1. Avery, man let me tell you. Since I started playing last year, and looking at many videos and everyone in my ear trying to tell me how to throw, within the last month when I saw this video, it changed my game big time. My distance increased so much and really lower my score. Then I watched the others in the series, putting and dealing with pressure and they all have helped my game.

    I am a black guy and I don't see many of us playing at this time 🙂 , but I took only one throw for me to fall in love with this game. I hope more do start to play because it is a great game. Again, great videos from you and Jussi Meresmaa.You have a fan here dude!

  2. I personally find that my underwear make a HUGE difference, if I wear tightly whiteys I throw 250 feet if I wear a thing or gstring about 325 feet and if I go commando my dick swing adds 45 feet more

  3. 3 years after starting to play I figured out one of my main problems as a RHBH.  Before I made the change I'd average around 285 ft.  Every once in awhile I'd throw 320+ but it was rare if I did and if I threw it where I wanted to.  I first saw the inspiration on Will Schustericks video and had to come back to this one to make sure.  I always would have my disc trail my hand on the pull through.  My hand would always lead.  The change was to have my hand on the outside of the disc.  The disc being sandwiched between my gripping hand and my body.  Right off the bat I'm averaging 50 feet more, consistently.  Since I'm not forcing the throw like I was before I have a lot more control because I'm getting more torque, more spin and more snap.  I just need to work on my timing for when I do throw now and I time it I throw 350+.  It is amazing how a little, tiny change can have such an impact.

  4. hi everyone ,if anyone else wants to discover how to increase your golf drive try Pyzork Golf Drive Professor (just google it ) ? Ive heard some pretty good things about it and my partner got cool results with it.

  5. The pros would shit bricks at the courses around where I live. All these courses I see on youtube are on open fields with maybe 1 or 2 trees in the way. Every course around here has 3 trees minimal right in front of you or super long straight shots between trees.

  6. I have not tried the heal pivot yet. In this video early while demostrating the 4 step drive he clearly piviots on the ball of his foot yet preached pivitong on the heal later. However I do love his videos I find them informative amd  professional. I am goping to try this heal technique later today. Thanks for posting…

  7. THe best piece of advice I learned in this video. The last step of the x-step should land at 90 degrees. Seems like a small pointer, but it has enabled me to use more force from my hips and legs. I've generated around 30-50 feet in my throws from this one tip.

  8. His last pro tip is to rotate on the heel of your front foot during the follow through, but for all his demo drives before that he rotates on the ball of his foot.

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