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Field hockey – Best goals

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Música: Alan Walker – Force
Mejores goles, Best goals, Cristopher Rühr, Jamie Dwyer, Lucas Vila, Kieron Govers, Gonzalo Peillat, Simon Child, Simon Mantell, Florent van Aubel, Joaquin Menini, Matias Paredes, Briels, Robbert Kemperman.
Australia, New Zeland, Argentina, England, South Africa, Belgium, Germany, Netherlands, Ausie, India, Spain, España.
Field Hockey, Hockey hierba, Hockey sobre cesped.

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  1. Can someone explain to me what field hockey is. I don't hate the sport at all I am just curious on the differences between ice hockey and field hockey. why do the players have short sticks and why is there a hook at the end of it?

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