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GOLF | Par 3 Challenge with Mini Tour Pro

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This is the Senna Golf Tee Par 3 Birdie Challenge.

A lot of people think of Harold Calubid as Long Beach’s best short iron and wedge player so I invited him and my buddy Nick (a +2 handicap) out to play a par 3 challenge. Harold went to Fresno State on a golf scholarship and is now a professional. This week he’ll play in the Monday Qualifier for the Puerto Rico Open on the PGA Tour. He is 19 or 20 years old I think. I’ve know him for a while and if you look back on my channel you’ll see a video I shot of him shooting 69 at the long beach open when he was 17.

In this format only birdies count, who ever has the most at the end is the big winner.

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44 thoughts on “GOLF | Par 3 Challenge with Mini Tour Pro

  1. I would have preferred to hear you say each hole what club you were using. I am a 4 1/2 month beginner and I need to know the clubs that would best for the yard distance.

  2. Many good points of your swing; poor lower body movement is what "I" see, very little weight shift on the backswing followed by you seeming to "stop" your hips from rotating on your downswing

    BUT!!! overall a very, very above average swing!!

  3. Not preparing pitch marks properly and lining up a put while another person is putting….. hmmmmm !!!! However Nick & Harold have great looking swings.

  4. late comment but one thing to learn from harold is he stands close to the ball which makes him more upright. You should consider doing this if you want to be more upright. Keep up the great videos!

  5. So a +2 handicap and a mini-tour pro combined for 2 birdies with 9iron or less into every single green? I'm going to call this false advertising

  6. I appreciate you have a sponsor but a little too much on the golf tees. More isn't always better for promoting a product. An ad at the beginning and end would be plenty I think. Just my 2 cents.

  7. Great video again, B. Btw, have you tried the Orange Whip Trainer? I bought one a month ago and to me it really seems like a game changer. I like to think my swing is pretty close to yours, as I've mentioned before, so I'm confident you'd love the product. I'm still waiting for the courses to open and the winter to finally go away but my improvement on the range and on slow motion video has been remarkable in such a short time. Also my numbers on TrackMan have changed so much that I still find it hard to believe.

  8. I've never golfed under lights. Did you notice it threw off your depth perception a lot? Seems like it would be really difficult to judge proper distance. Thankfully on a Par 3, you only have to basically worry about the pin placement as long as the posted hole length is accurate from the tee.

  9. There is a really fun and competitive skins game at Heartwell every Wednesday night at 5pm. It's 20 bucks to buy in (and 11 for the golf). Birdies or eagles only count. Closest to the pins usually on two holes. They also have running hole in one pots too.

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