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Greatest US Sports Moments (2010-2016)

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The best plays in recent United States sports history from 2010 through June of 2016. Enjoy these clutch, memorable, heartbreaking, inspiring, and unbelievable moments in full 1080p 60fps HD! These athletes truly make American sports amazing…PLEASE READ BELOW!


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-Sorry if I missed a pivotal moment or your favorite team or sport, cuts had to be made to keep video at a reasonable length.
-Yes, the second play is Toronto, not USA. The video originally included Canada and I forgot to edit it out.
-Yes, there should be more soccer and hockey (check my 2016 Sports Highlight linked below for more balance)

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No copyright infringement is intended. All video used under fair use. Clips belong to ESPN, FOX, ABC, CBS, NBC, NFL, MLB, NHL, NCAA, TNT, TBS, Oregon Ducks, FIFA Soccer and the Olympics. Music from Oblivion soundtrack.

Edited By Dylan Stradley 2016

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39 thoughts on “Greatest US Sports Moments (2010-2016)

  1. james Harrison 100 yard int td during Superbowl? jj watt pick 6 during first texans playoffs? us soccer team winning in the last couple of minutes against our rivals Ghana to advance to the next round in the world cup? just some suggestions

  2. I'm just going to say this, don't get mad, but if you think about it, if LeBron hadn't blocked Iguodala, the Warriors would have a two point lead. Then Kyrie hit the three and the Cavs would be leading by one. The LeBron got fouled when he was trying to dunk and made one free throw to give the Cavs a 3 point lead. There was no more scoring. Cavs still would have one. LeBron has had blocks like that before, as have many NBA players. It was game 7 of the NBA Finals, so it was a much bigger stage. It was a great play though. WTD Productions, keep up the good work.

  3. 10:46 For a little bit of context, the Eagles were behind 24-3 at the half and 24-10 at the end of the third. This game determined who went to the playoffs. Its called the Miracle at the New Meadowlands.

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