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Highlights: Zverev Federer Shapovalov Haase In Montreal 2017 QF

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Watch Friday highlights from the Coupe Rogers, featuring quarter-final wins for Alexander Zverev, Roger Federer, Denis Shapovalov and Robin Haase. Watch live at Photo: Getty Images

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34 thoughts on “Highlights: Zverev Federer Shapovalov Haase In Montreal 2017 QF

  1. So impressed with Shapovalov.

    Most players would crash out after a huge win like that. Thought he would after losing those first 4 games. Regrouped and won.

    Hope he makes it to the final

  2. Whoever play RF should have go right after RF HARD when he come to the net, That's the most effective STRATEGIC used by most experience players! RF himself used that strategic constantly like yesterday vs Agut was serving 2nd set 1-1 0/30, RF hit HARD passing shot right at Agu BODY and broke his serves game. That's the best defence against the net rush players!!!

  3. "Federer would be looking for a stronger start than against his compatriot, David Ferrer." and "Zverev is a winner… literally." where do they find these clowns to be commentators?

  4. Soy de los que disfruté tanto está generación de tenistas, tal vez la mejor de la historia ( Roger, Rafa, Djokovic, Murray) que se niega a la aparición de nuevos talentos que un futuro tendrán el protagonismo. Ojalá Roger le de una lección a uno de los dos en la final. Fuck Zverev and Shapovalov

  5. Good luck to Shapovalov…but I think A. Zverev is going to win. Zverev is much more seasoned and is beating the toughest opponents. All his weapons are good…and he's more accurate.
    Shapovalov has a good serve…sometimes… and a forehand that can hit winners…but is wide far too often. His single handed backhand also is nothing like Federer's for control.
    If he beats Zverev I'll be amazed.

  6. Just me that thinks Zverev needs a hair cut, like when has that mop ever been in style, just makes him look even more unattractive and thats not hard with that lanky as fuck body and scrunched up face

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