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‘Hypocritical’ Chaotic CNN Don Lemon Panel over President Trump playing Golf

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31 thoughts on “‘Hypocritical’ Chaotic CNN Don Lemon Panel over President Trump playing Golf

  1. Nothing wrong with golf. 17 times is the number Bill Clinton hoped on Lolita express of to sex island to rape under age grills and everyone knows about it. Why not talk about that? CNN does nothing but spreads hate. How is that good for anything? I feel like I'm in a twilight zone , I have newer seen so much hatred and they want S to believe e erything they say ? Even a child can see what they are doing and it's just crazy that a what use to be a world class news show is nothing more then the national inquire. Trump has raised the Dow by record numbers , he is trying to bring all the jobs the elites stole and gave a way to everyone Ellis but us the American.all so they could line their pockets with the kick backs from the once they give our future to. They're selfish liars who are definitely not serving the country they were born in.

  2. Don Lemon is an idiot how do people even listen to this idiot.   How does a news network that expects people to follow and listen to them have idiots like this on their payroll.

  3. kayleigh and Jason miller need to get their facts straight or get a clue. they have facts right in their face and somehow explain away or spin it to dodge the question about how much time and money trump is wasting. drain the swamp? Haha.

  4. don lemon needs to stop interrupting. He is like one of those kids that always thinks they are right. if you have something to say, keep your animalistic urges in control, and wait for your turn to speak.

  5. Trump is getting more work done on the golf course than Obama has his entire 8 years.
    If your concerned about cost, report how Obama double the debt of all former presidents combined…… Idiots.

  6. Lemmon is 100% right this Dumb fucking Trump should be taking care of the USA as Presdent instead of spending hundreds of millions flying around showing how arrogant and stupid he really is. He bitched about Obama golfing 20 times a year and this red faced jerk has golfed 40 times since taking office and will spend as much flying around on airforce one showing off in one year what Obama or Bush spent in 8 yrs.

  7. What is so fucking funny? Are there any Black news stations that can honestly speak for the Black community over serious issues without making gotdamn joke about it?

    This is some cooning ass shit here!

  8. lemon doh ball again speaking shit he is just jealous he can get to the golf club . your not president Don the Donald is you loser is that all you have to speak about how many times people go to the golf course what a loser and again a little cry baby .

  9. oh cnnnnncnnnncnn you are so funny gathering all of your fans to comment on your still fake news..must go and get the real news on Alex Jones or Hannity. or let's see yes Tucker see ya..iN GOD WE TRUST.THY WILL BE DONE. HAPPY EASTER TO THOSE WHO CELEBRATE.

  10. I can't stand Don Lemonhead. Who is hypocrite you ask?? You are the hypocrite Don. You love to talk about the golf because you don't know nothing else to talk about. Shame on you Don.

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