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James Harden’s Top 10 Plays of the 2016-2017 NBA Season

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Enjoy the best dimes, handles and top plays of James Harden from the 2016-2017 NBA season!

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38 thoughts on “James Harden’s Top 10 Plays of the 2016-2017 NBA Season

  1. FOR ALL THE "rockets without harden are as bad as thunder without westbrook": thats not true, with harden per 100 possesions rockets have 111 points, and without him almost 107, while with wb thunder have almost 108 points and without around 98. Facts. you can now do the math.

  2. I'm a 6'2-6'3 14 year old and I can easily touch any 10ft rim. I can even touch the rim without taking a run up. The problem is whenever I try to dunk with a basketball I don't get as much speed or air. Is there any way I can fix this problem??

  3. Yeno, the more I look into Westbrook's season, the more I think Harden was robbed of an MVP. What is the deciding statistic that Russell had over James? Rebounds… And Russell told his entire team to let him get the boards as you can see in the gameplay. Harden was the MVP last season.

  4. let me break this down for the rocket fans that are still salty mvp means most valuable player not most valuable team. it about how a player impacts the team if james harden were taken off the rockets last year they would still be good and russell westbrook was taken off the thunder they would be on Brooklyn's level if you think that harden should've gotten mvp because they had a better record than you make no sense because if you look at it that way kd or Lenard would have gotten it. bottom line westbrook deserved mvp

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