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LaMelo Ball Shooting Form: Basketball Shooting Secrets

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LaMelo Ball Shooting Form: Basketball Shooting Secrets
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In today’s video I wanted to go over and break down LaMelo Ball’s shooting form. LaMelo has crafted his form to work best for him, and here are some tips, techniques, and keys that could help you build your own shooting form just like him. So watch this video and see if you can take a couple keys away to help you hit more shots just like LaMelo Ball!

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39 thoughts on “LaMelo Ball Shooting Form: Basketball Shooting Secrets

  1. LaMelo is a perfect example that not everyone will shoot the same. Does he have some mechanics that should be tweaked? Absolutely, but he's walking proof that we don't all have to fit in the same cookie cutter form to get results.

    Thanks for watching!
    Coach C.

  2. Hey, I'd like to give a quick thanks to shot mechanics. I was an awful shooter before I saw this and I was so frustrated to the point where I didn't even want to practice my shot but about 5-6 days ago I watched this video and broke it down in to pieces and tried applying some of LaMelo's mechanics into my shot, eventually I found that the wrist snap worked wonders for me! I can actually make jumpers consistently and I am much more efficient from the floor.

    Thanks, again, ShotMechanics!

  3. With the Ball Bros. nothing is done correctly lol, their ability to shoot is just pure muscle memory and practice for that perfect touch. There is no science to Lamelo's shot lol, just pure repetition for that touch

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