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Magic Johnson’s Top 10 Showtime Plays of His Career

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In honor of his 58th birthday, we take a look at the Top 10 Showtime plays by Magic Johnson!

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28 thoughts on “Magic Johnson’s Top 10 Showtime Plays of His Career

  1. No player had such flair and feel for the game as Magic, and those bandwagons riding fans saying that he would not succeed in this age and comparing him to Curry don't understand game of BBall…Curry is great but he is system player, at best he is a first violin, he would not succeed in random environment since his weakness would get exposed while Magic was the system, he was basketball symphony conductor, its possible that he would play point-forward in this era but his effectiveness would stay the same. Only guys somewhat comparable to him today are Jokic and LeBron while Jason Williams was only guy that had his flair and showtime mentality.

  2. Please everyone shut the fuck up if you say curry is better than magic. You must be really high and retarded for saying something like that, especially warriors bandwagoners and curry dickriders. Curry isn't a true point guard bc all curry does is pull up from 3s where magic would be passing the ball around to his teammates like a true point guard. Please don't be retarded.

  3. sure magic would be trash in today's league but in his time he was the best so you curry dickriders shut the fuck up it's not putting him in today's league

  4. The disrespect in here is unbelievable. People who say Magic Played against bums and isn't as a good as Stephen Curry are ignorant beyond belief. Do you call playing in 9 NBA finals (winning 5) against some of the best to ever play–including Larry Bird, Kevin McHale, Dennis Rodman, Isiah Thomas, Dirty Bill Lambier, Moses Malone, DOCTOR J, EASY? Magic is one of the greatest of all time. 12 Season, 9 Finals, 5 rings (should probably have 7 if it weren't for injuries). He was a LEADER, and a WINNER. Steph has NOTHING on Magic. And although Lebron is absolutely incredible, he isn't on Magic's level yet. Show some respect, people.

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