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36 thoughts on “MLB Flashy Plays

  1. as much as I love dat dude BP the most insane grab in this video hands down was the cabrera grab bare handed at :32. bare handing a ball going the opposite direction of your body is so much more difficult then behind the back or between the legs plays that are done enough to be considered practiced.

  2. These aren't really flashy plays these r off balance plays that they have to throw behind the back or bare hand or scoop to make the play at the angle cuz that's the only thing they can do not to show off

  3. OK. So these guys like the National League. I like the lack of DH too, but it really doesn't make much difference on the defensive side. I saw one highlight for Manny Machado. There should have been more. I watch the Baltimore games almost every night. At least once a week there is a batter who stops and stares, sometimes shaking his head, after Manny puts him out on a batted ball that most wouldn't make a play on. I guess I'll look for some of his plays elsewhere.

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