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New Burn 100CV Tennis Racquet Overview | Tennis Plaza

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Wilson Burn 100 CV Tennis Racquet
Wilson equals tennis passion to providing the tools players need to break through. The 2017 Wilson Burn 100 with Countervail Tennis Racquet breaks through its limits. Technology that maximizes the players energy reducing muscle fatigue and recovery time, less energy spent every swing. The New Wilson Burn 100 CV Tennis Racquet is geared towards the Baseline player due to its ability to balance spin and power allowing you to control the game from a comfortable position. With other features to improve the power and feel of the racquet this is sure to be a weapon to fear on the court. Added features like Parallel Drilling will provide consistent string bed response, increasing the sweet spot. Carbon Fiber frame, developed for aggressive swings and explosive power. If you are the two-handed backhand kind, the Burn 100 brings you an extra length shaft for comfort and leverage and easy grip changes.
Sony Smart Tennis Sensor compatible racquet.

Burn 100 CV

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