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Patriots vs. Falcons | Super Bowl LI Game Highlights

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The New England Patriots rallied from down 28 points and put together one of the best comebacks ever in a Super Bowl, knocking off the Atlanta Falcons 34-28 in Super Bowl LI.

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20 thoughts on “Patriots vs. Falcons | Super Bowl LI Game Highlights

  1. The game was played to a tie, and the Patriots were given more time… how the hell is that fair? The game was decided by a coin toss and the Patriots have no reason to be proud. But there is a rematch coming. Maybe we can keep the NFL from throwing the game for the Pats this time.

  2. This was the best superbowl I had seen in a long time. I remember all those good superbowls in the 90's too. Better than when John Elway won and all those superbowls. Even better than when Steve Young won one and I'm a 49ers fan. Gotta give it to Brady , he really is the greatest of all time , and hes from SF too.

  3. I love how conspiracy theorists come on here and say sports are scripted. I'm not saying Refs haven't determined games in sports but no way no how can you script how a game is going to be played.

  4. I have been a Patriots fan for over thirty years. I screamed when Malcolm Butler made that Immaculate Interception in Super Bowl 49. Thought I would never see a more stunning SB victory than that, and then my favorite team wins Super Bowl 51.Seattle did not get over their loss to the Pats, and the Falcons won't get past theirs, either. Especially when the new Super Bowl rings have 283 diamonds. Ouch!

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