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41 thoughts on “Predictions: AFC East – Patriots 1st for the 9th straight season? | NFL Live | July 3, 2017

  1. All these analysts making predictions and giving opinions when they don't watch all the games and don't know local markets…the white dude saying buffalo is better than Miami lmao

  2. How is New England stacked? Typical sports news is to join in on what happened the previous season or even previous game. One minute they say bench Brady after getting blown out by Kansas City and the next minute they're the greatest dynasty after Seattle calls a horrible play in the Super Bowl. The Patriots did nothing special this offseason. Stephen Gilmore is pretty good but not elite, Mike Gillisee was only a touchdown machine behind that Bills offensive line otherwise he was trash in Miami so Blount was a big loss. Also losing Martellus will hurt and Kony Ealy is not exactly solving the lack of a pass rush. Brady is also turning 40 and father time creeps up without warning not to mention Edelman & Amendola will be 31. Elite QB, average offensive line, average running back group, great tight ends until Gronk goes down, good but aging receivers, good run stopping d-line but no pass rush, linebackers are a question mark except Hightower, the secondary should be great since butler was retained. Overall too many pieces that aided greatly in the Super Bowl comeback went elsewhere.

  3. I agree with Darren. Pats will continue to be at the top with Brady. Fins will be fighting for a wildcard spot around 9-7 or 10-6 with their coach and weapons. Bills will be around 6-10 as they have a decent offense but too young of a defense to do anything. Jets will be fighting for a spot at Darnold in the draft as they are God awful everywhere except their defensive front.

  4. This shouldn't be a question the AFC east is in my opinion at its worst the dolphins are the only team that could beat us the pats got Gilmore so the bills have no corners the Dolphins and pats are the only ones who had a good off-season unless a injury happens i got the pats easily winning this division with maybe a occasional upset from the dolphins or bills

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