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Ravens vs. Dolphins | NFL Preseason Week 2 Game Highlights

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Don’t miss Week 2 highlights of the Baltimore Ravens taking on the Miami Dolphins in the 2017 NFL Preseason.

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39 thoughts on “Ravens vs. Dolphins | NFL Preseason Week 2 Game Highlights

  1. Dolphins are having a winning season this year seriously, under Adam Gase Cutler should do just fine and he has the weapons like Devante Parker and Kenny Stills and Jarvis Landry AND Julius Thomas and their defense is nasty with Suh and Cam Wake cmon now y'all stay sleeping on the Dolphins.

  2. The Dolphins are an awful franchise and it really starts at their FO and coaching staff. They haven't won a post-season game since 2000 and haven't been to a SB in over 30 years and haven't won a SB since 1973. 17 QBs since Dan Marino retired. This is a team that also went 1-15 in 2007. Think about it, the only teams that have went 1-15 or 0-16 since then were the Lions and Browns. That is pretty awful and miserable. Then to have this amount of misfortune with all the injuries before the season starts. It must really suck to be a fan of this team. You guys are just a polished version of the Cleveland Browns. Surely both franchises deserve better.

  3. Jay cutler is a better QB than ryan tannehill will ever be, on a team that made the playoffs last year, cutler will be one of the top 15 QBS in the NFL, if he can control not making those bad reads over the top.

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