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39 thoughts on “Roger Federer vs Rafael Nadal – Australian Open 2017 Final (highlights HD)

  1. After this match Federer is the best ever because for him this was the last chance to demonstrate to be best than Nadal, while for Nadal this was a final to destroy Roger, but it was not his last chance. Federer played without fear and once proved to be the best ever and best than Nadal

  2. They should fucking ban the moaning. It's ridiculous and not worthy for athletes at this caliber. He sounds like Monica Seles on steroids…
    Congrats to Roger, a gentleman and a true sportsman.

  3. From 1-3 to 6-3 in final set of GS final! Against his arch rival. Not to mention mental block he HAD against Nadal whole career. Just two words describes best: EPIC and BADASS!!!

  4. avec cette victoire Federer confirme qu"il est vraimment le meilleur de tous les temps et ouvre une brèche de 4 GS par apport a Nadal qui serait pratiquement inatteignables pour ce dernier et même pour djokovic qui a 12 GS

  5. I hate Nadal's grunts and his antics while starting to serve and also while receiving… plus he is a lefty and double handed backhand… everything not to my taste… Federer on the other hand is cool to the core and the greatest.

  6. What a match that was!

    Comparing this to the match against Grigor, I see that Roger hits a deceptively much heavier ball than what you'd expect — certainly much heavier than his old racket. Nadal can't generate the same power or angles while hitting Fed's balls and can't punish his second serves either.

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