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23 thoughts on “Russia Vs Canada | Semifinal | 2016 World Cup of Hockey | Highlights

  1. Бобровский молодец, выкладывается, тащит просто! Сборная не воспользовалась. Кучеров, Кузнецов молодые забивают, а Ови с Малкиным вообще хрен большой забили на всё

  2. Can't beat Canada at our own game. It's mostly Canadians winning the Stanley Cup on American teams.

    We still dominate the game on the international stage.

  3. Russia has great team , thanks for their game, they gave everything until the end of game . I guess the main problem is just need to bring V.Bykov to manage Russia team.I really love to watch playing these two heavy weight giants teams every time. it is really amazing watching their skills, unfortunately DATSYUK was not there, oh myvgod hi has magic skills … big respect .

  4. Crosby forechecks the one Russia player and forces him to cough up the puck, then steals it from the player who got the puck next. Then scores. It doesn't get much more dominant than that for a single player.

  5. This might be the best team ever assembled for Canada. I say that with the utmost respect to some of the retired legends of hockey.
    Speed, skill, defense, experience and coaching depth , its hard not to put this group of men among some of hockeys greats.

  6. 4:29 – Tavares allowed to walk in with lots of time. No back-check from the Russian behind him. Give Tavares 3-4 seconds to plan his shot and get in close and it's usually going in. You gotta check him hard and disrupt him. Tavares was so awesome on that goal there aren't even words to describe it.

  7. Russia had Team Canada (and the entire country of Canada) worried at 2-1 near end of the second, with Russia coming on and seemingly starting to take over thanks for their goalie for keeping them in the game. First time Canada faced any kind of adversity in the tournament. Their response in the 3rd told you what kind of players they have on their team and how cool-headed they are. 1st two periods was one game. 3rd period was another.

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