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Should Dolphins Sign Colin Kaepernick? | Pardon The Interruption | ESPN

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Pardon The Interruption’s Bomani Jones and Pablo Torre discuss if the Miami Dolphins should sign QB Colin Kaepernick.

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30 thoughts on “Should Dolphins Sign Colin Kaepernick? | Pardon The Interruption | ESPN

  1. What's with the comments saying "we need our own league"? You had that, it was called the Negro League in baseball. A guy named Jackie Robinson went through hell to get black athletes the opportunity to play in the majors. Back then we had racists trying to keep blacks in "their place". Now we have blacks calling black athletes coons, uncle toms, and even slaves because they make an average of 1.9 million dollars a year playing football. All because one guy is currently unemployed. If I thought the NFL was a plantation system for rich white men I would be celebrating that Kaep is no longer on the plantation.

  2. Should Dolphins Sign Colin Kaepernick? Hell no. Nothing but mediocre talent coupled with massive controversy. Massive downside and limited upside….

  3. What no one on ESPN has the courage to say, is that Kapernick did this on employer's time wearing. Miners uniform
    ESPN who fired. schilling for expressing his opinion on his own time
    Double standard especially when Kapernick supports a hate group that endorses the killing of Jews

  4. Miami, a city with an enormous Cuban population wants a player who idolizes Che Guevara and Castro? The very reason all of those people risked their lives to escape Cuba. This….. should….. be……. fun.

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