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40 thoughts on “Some of the greatest baseball plays you will ever see

  1. can someone explain the rules when a runner is out … sometimes its enough to catch the ball and touch the base … sometimes its not … can someone explain ?

  2. The top 4 comments are all about that foul ball hitting the camera.. It wasn't even a play? Can we talk about that INSANE throw from right field to TB please?

  3. I should have added, hope nobody takes any offense at my comment that this is a child's game. Anyone that knows the history of baseball wouldn't be offended, but those that don't please don't take any offense as none is intended. I'm just curious as to how this ended up being played by adults. You couldn't imagine grown ups playing hopscotch but that's what has happened with baseball. Perhaps the fake origins with the Doubleday myth is a reason??

  4. Just like hopscotch, baseball is a game invented for young children. How on earth grown ups ended up playing a child's game i have no idea. Invented in England it first appears in the 1700s childrens book "A little pretty pocket book" as an activity for young kids with poor circulation. I loved playing it as a kid when I lived in the UK (its also called "Rounders", and is very popular there among young children for whom it was invented).

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