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Sonny Bill Williams | Big Hits ᴴᴰ

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Here it is, the greatest hits and fends of the legend that is Sonny Bill Williams! A succesful career across both codes of rugby. Subscribe for more rugby union and league tributes

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36 thoughts on “Sonny Bill Williams | Big Hits ᴴᴰ

  1. Ben Hornby laid out. Whooshka! And the Leeds player! Jeez! Very cheap on Willie Mason. I forget. Did this Islamist pos walk for that one? He should have, if he didn't!

  2. I was playing rugby in the late 70's and early 80's and shoulder charges weren't allowed then. SBW wasn't even born then so I'm wondering where all the comments about this being in the days when you could shoulder charge are coming from.

  3. Dear people talking shit, please go stand in front of the man and run straight at him if you think he is what you say he is, he is the moth athletic man in modern day New Zealand sport, all-round legend

  4. Who played rugby knows that maybe all his tackle are fouls…you can't stop people using shoulders idiot..learn to play and for god sake, players learn boxe…he's not a boxer he's just someone who used hands a little bit more than others…

  5. Tell me are you allowed to hit people like that. Almost no tackles and he never goes low. We called that a boff ! Love his strength and determination though !

  6. I'd never doubt that SBW is an amazing player, but he's the most selfish rugby player I think I've ever seen play the game.

    He flutters between league, union and now 7's whenever a big tournament is coming round in either of those codes, just because he wants to add to his own personal trophy collection. Of course he was a good addition to all three codes when he was in the squads, but I don't think it's as if without him, those sides wouldn't have had the success they did.

    It's like with him now signing for the Auckland Blues. He's only signing on with union because he wants to win the Lions tour next summer – it's blindingly obvious. He doesn't give a shit about Super Rugby. With respect to the Blues, if he wanted to win Super Rugby he'd have joined the Chiefs or Crusaders again, who stand a much better chance.

    After the All Blacks absolutely dominated the Rugby Championship, there's a bloody good argument that they don't even need him with the talent they've got at centre. Ryan Crotty has stepped up really well, as has Malakai Fekitoa. Not to mention George Moala, and Anton Liniert Brown, with the latter looking like he's played international rugby for five or more years.

    Sonny Bill just needs to piss off now, he's had his day. There are younger guys who have committed their playing careers and life to playing in the All Blacks jersey, and it would be so unfair if he gets in ahead of one of them, and not to mention an insult to the All Blacks shirt by only coming along when he fancies it.

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