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Stephen Curry BEST PLAY of EVERY GAME | 2016-2017 Season

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Stephen Curry helped lead the Golden State Warriors to their 2nd title in 3 seasons. Check out the 2x MVP’s BEST PLAY from every single game this past season. Let us know of your favorites in the comments!

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25 thoughts on “Stephen Curry BEST PLAY of EVERY GAME | 2016-2017 Season

    LeBron James – 25.1 points 7.2 rebounds 6.7 assists 1.1 steals 0.5 blocks

    Kevin Durant – 26.1 points 8.5 rebounds 5.1 assists 1.2 steals 1.7 blocks

    Kawhi Leonard – 28.1 points 6.9 rebounds 4.2 assists 2.0 steals 0.9 blocks

    Russell Westbrook – 28.9 points 8.9 rebounds 11.1 assists 1.8 steals 0.3 blocks

    Stephen Curry – 26.4 points 4.3 rebounds 6.3 assists 1.9 steals 0.2 blocks

    James Harden – 32.2 points 7.2 rebounds 6.5 assists 1.4 steals 0.5 blocks

    Anthony Davis – 27.2 points 12.1 rebounds 2.6 assists 1.8 steals 3.1 blocks

    John Wall – 25.4 points 4.8 rebounds 11.1 assists 2.2 steals 0.8 blocks

    DeMarcus Cousins – 25.7 points 10.3 rebounds 4.6 assists 1.3 steals 1.1 blocks

    Giannis Antetukoumpo – 25.1 points 9.1 rebounds 6.2 assists 1.9 steals 2.1 blocks

  2. Seriously why y'all hating on Curry? Just look at how incredible this man is. Yeah Lebron is better, we know. But this is a freaking highlights video! Let people enjoy it! You can dislike him, that's fine. But don't hate on him, there's no reason for it. Can't you appreciate greatness when you see it?

  3. Curry is a much better 3 pt shooter than Kyrie. But Kyrie is 10x better than Curry driving to the basket lol. None of these "drives" were really that impressive. The 3's are a different story tho lol 🙂

  4. Westbrook only puts up good stats because he's extremely overused. Steph Curry put up amazing numbers when he ACTUALLY SHARED THE BALL. Westbrook was surrounded by trash so his only option was to shoot. Steph has to share the ball with 3 other all stars AND HE STILL PUT UP GOOD NUMBERS. Think of this whenever you're comparing Russ and Curry.

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