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The Best Football Highlights! | Video Digest

Awesome plays, great touchdowns, flips, jumps, bounces, etc. Just some good ole Football!! Funny Commenters: "Those 40 dislikes were miner players lol " Jesus Manuel Barraza "Those 132 dislikes are from the defense" Rodman Cruz (in reply to the comment above) #football #best football

Golf – The Dreaded Shank

It seems that lately all i can seem to manage in golf is a shank and a million lost balls so sit back and enjoy a few laughs at my expense please subscribe - follow me on instgram - trousers sponsored by royal and awesome

Kirkland Signature Golf Ball

Kirkland Signature Golf Ball reviewed by Mark Crossfield PGA professional AskGolfGuru. Mark talks launch monitor numbers and gets out on the golf course to see what the Kirkland Signature golf ball has to offer. Reviewed up against his gaming golf ball, the Callaway Chrome Soft. Get Mark's iPad App Get Mark's

Best Golf Trick Shot.

Best Golf Trick Shot. just a bit of fun in the garden. don't forget to comment , like and subscribe !!