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Download your FREE pdf action plan here: Stop spraying your volleys all over the place, and for goodness' sake, stop SWINGING at them! Volleys should be the simplest part of your game, but MOST players overcomplicate the technique and turn their net game into a liability. Don't be MOST players

Backhand POWER Lesson: ADD 5-10 mph to your BACKHAND!

Hungry for more? Take your backhand even further - grab the next video and FREE pdf action plan right here: Stop settling for a WEAK backhand. Here are the TOP 3 keys for getting more power and control out of your backhand the very next time you step onto the

How to IMPROVE your Balance & Positioning – Tennis Lesson + Drills

Grab your FREE pdf action plan here: It doesn't matter how good the rest of your technique is: if you are routinely misjudging the incoming ball and putting yourself out of balance everything else will suffer. Watch as we take VIP student Dennis step-by-step through correcting his positioning problem and

How to Put Away Volleys – Tennis Lesson – Power & Offense

Download your FREE pdf action plan here: High, floating sitters should basically be a free point, right? WRONG. This is when the pressure sets in, you tense up and blow the shot. The good news is there's a way to put away these shots CONFIDENTLY and RELIABLY. Here's a

Ultimate Tennis Volley Lesson – Drills and Tips For Beginners

Download your FREE pdf action plan here: Correct volley technique is CRUCIAL to being comfortable and confident at the net. The bad news is, most players overcomplicate what should be the simplest shot in the game. Here's how you can build (or rebuild) your volleys from the ground up

How To Drive the Ball for more POWER – Ultimate Forehand Tennis Lesson

Grab your FREE download here: Are you hitting loopy, floating forehands that your opponents can easily put away? Here's the number one way to DRIVE your shots through the court and bring your forehand to the next level... COMMENT below and tell me if these exercises helped you! SUBSCRIBE for more

Puckface Hockey Training: Shooting Series – Goal Line Jam

Shooting Series: Goal Line Jam Coach Andy demonstrates an in-tight shot from a goal scoring area. Being close to the net, emphasis is put on puck protection, and using the heel of the blade to get the puck upstairs. Puckface website coming soon! Like, Subscribe, and Share! FOLLOW PUCKFACE HOCKEY™ FACEBOOK: TWITTER: INSTAGRAM:

How to properly shallow the golf club with an effective transition

The number 1 issue that is impacting golfers swing mechanics is a steepening of the shaft in the transition. This causes the player to make multiple compensations through out the downswing. This drill allows the player to feel and apply the correct forces to create an efficient and powerful initiation

Run North Carolina’s Secondary Break! – Basketball 2017 #8

North Carolina head coach Roy Williams won his 800th career game on Monday night when the Tar Heels took down Syracuse. A huge part of Coach Williams’ success over the years has been his secondary break, and he explains how his teams run it in this short clip. For information on