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Invincible [2006movie] – Vince Papale Sprint [open tryout scene] HQ

Owned by Walt Disney Pictures Audiovisual content Administered by Disney Enterprises. Here's one of my favorite American Football movies.Inspiring movie with a great Soundtrack! Featuring:Grand Funk Railroad "Feelin' Alright" Musical Score by Mark Isham Playlist: Non-profit, for purposes such as criticism, comment,news reporting,Educational [teaching, scholarship, and research] and entertainment.No copyright

The Best Football Highlights! | Video Digest

Awesome plays, great touchdowns, flips, jumps, bounces, etc. Just some good ole Football!! Funny Commenters: "Those 40 dislikes were miner players lol " Jesus Manuel Barraza "Those 132 dislikes are from the defense" Rodman Cruz (in reply to the comment above) #football #best football