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The Best Football Highlights! | Video Digest

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Awesome plays, great touchdowns, flips, jumps, bounces, etc. Just some good ole Football!!

Funny Commenters:
“Those 40 dislikes were miner players lol ” Jesus Manuel Barraza
“Those 132 dislikes are from the defense” Rodman Cruz (in reply to the comment above)

#best football

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42 thoughts on “The Best Football Highlights! | Video Digest

  1. hmmmmm, i still don't get it. I mean, I cannot understand why this is so popular. Spectecular sometimes, and it makes great compilatons of these best scenes but a whole game, with all those interruptions… no. But the last one was funny
    and yeah, the comment section… why don't you guys have a sidewalk vs pavement or kent vs kant fight?
    c'mon, I prefer American English, it simply sounds better to me, I still cannot call this sport football. Because that word had already been in my vocabulary long before I learnt English. But no matter what, this makes no1 a fag and it is no reason to wish any1's death. calm down

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