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Top 10 Ball Fakes: 2017 NBA Season

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Enjoy the best ball fake plays from the 2017 NBA season, featuring Stephen Curry, Russell Westbrook and Dwyane Wade!

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22 thoughts on “Top 10 Ball Fakes: 2017 NBA Season

  1. I'm not hatin on Westbrook. He is the MVP and is amazing. But how is that number one? A sham god isn't even a real ball fake like the other and it's fucking easy, number 2 is frikken hard.

  2. Kyrie Double Dribbled on 2:00 watch it on slow motion, After he dribbled from his left hand, he caught the ball with his left and move it to the right (without dribbling) and started dribbling again, but again great move by Kyrie

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